Why Addsfit?

Addsfit MAX massage gun features 1700~3300 percussions per minute, adjustable 9 speeds, 12mm stroke depth, 35 pounds stroke force, 5 head attachments with different hardness. It allows you to adjust speed and use dedicated heads to get optimal massage according to sizes and athletic ability.

Rather than EVA ball and other plastic attachments, addsfit apply 5 silicone head attachments with dedicated hardness and shape. Compared to EVA ball, addsfit silicone attachments are more user-friendly.

Equipped with aerodynamic noise reduction shell, high-torque brushless motor, military-grade component parts and acoustic absorbing material, the sound of Addsfit deep tissue massage gun is tested to be under 39 decibels with a sound meter 30cm away from it.

The battery pack is composed of six 2500mAH rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It supports up to 6 hours of use per charge and can retain the capacity after 1600 charge-discharge cycle test.